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Gold Valuation

Gold prices are at an all time high and now thousands of customers are recycling their gold for money .

What is the current Bullion Market Value of Gold?

The current price of gold can be checked by clicking here.

What is the current recycle value of gold?

The recycle value of Gold is based on the weight of the item and the % purity (or Carat) of the gold. Using both these items we can determine the amount of pure gold that is contained in the item and therefore the recycle value.

Gold Quality: The quality or purity of your gold is assessed using the latest gold testing technology in our evaluation laboratory. Each valuation is carried out under CCTV to ensure accuracy. 

Gold Weight: Each of your gold items is weighed on our EC accredited and externally certified A&D™ Weighing Scales.

Gold Value: We check the price of gold twice daily on the London Bullion Market and based on the market price, the weight and quality of your gold, and our margin for handling, processing and refining we determine the retail recycle value of your gold. This detailed approach ensures we can give the best possible price for your gold.

Ensure that you have Peace of Mind with Ireland’s largest gold recycling company. Pays More!

As heard on Pat Kenny's Today Show, on Wednesday 3rd of February, 2010, pays more than any other national gold buyer. In fact Pat's researcher found during an annoymous survey that pays up to 17% more than other national service providers. This is further proof that we are the leaders in the Irish Market.

Request a pack now and join the thousands who have received a cheque from us.



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