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January 13th 2010- backs call for Regulation
Gold recycling company has backed calls for regulation of the gold recycling industry. Niall Marren, Managing Director of says the transactions of recycling gold for money are similar to any other financial transaction and as such should be subject to similar types of regulation.

June 12th 2009- Ronaldo sale: Star worth more than his weight in gold
GIVEN his determination to depart Manchester United, the fans always knew Cristiano Ronaldo was no Golden Balls.
But as it was confirmed that the Portuguese former world player of the year was saying ‘adios’ to Old Trafford yesterday, an Irish gold recycling company has worked out that given his outlandish €94m price tag, he is actually 57 times dearer in person than his weight in gold.

April 6th 2009- Recession Sparks Golden Opportunity
... The company is offering a simple, easy to use service which is fast becoming a winner with customers desperate to find new ways of generating hard cash...

April 12th 2009 - A Gold Mine Lying In Your Jewellery Box
... Many of us will be looking for extra sources of income to help retain the high standard of living we enjoyed in the last decade...

April 24th 2009- Consumers See Golden Opportunity To Cash In
... consumers are turning to their jewellery boxes to raise some much needed funds, selling off unwanted and scrap gold. It’s not hard to see why consumers are viewing gold as somewhat of a money spinner...

April 6th 2009 – Niall Marren CEO Talks to George Hook on "The Right Hook"
George Hook speaks to Niall Marren, CEO of about how ForgottenGold customers are benefiting from the current high price of gold.

April 1st 2009 - Recycling Old Gold Jewellery 'Is A Fast Way Of Accessing Money'
... "We are offering an entrepreneurial solution to the credit crisis," he explains. "Customers can unlock the value from their unwanted jewellery simply and privately."...

April 1st 2009 - New Jobs At Galway Company
... “Our aim is to allow as many people as possible to take advantage of one of the few opportunities available in the current world wide recession, the current high price of gold, while at the same benefiting the environment” said Niall Marren, CEO....

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