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What Our Customers Say:

"We wanted some cash for the holiday fund and then we saw forgottengold. Great timing!" Jane, Wembley.

"Great idea, fantastic service. Easy, quick and delighted with the amount. Telling all my friends. Thanks again" Gina, Greystones.

"Many thanks for the very welcome cheque and for the prompt service. Your website is really easy to use and I cant believe how quickly you responded" Christine, Monkstown.

"Wow, that was easy! I got a cheque back after only 3 days and it was for a lot more than I hoped for, so thanks a lot!." C Gallagher, Sligo.


Q: Is it safe to send my jewellery in the post?
A: The postal service is a very safe and reliable way of transferring goods. However to remove all risk to you, will insure the contents of every Gold Recycle Pack returned to us, up to a maximum of €300 per pack. This means you are protected in the unlikely event of your Gold Recycle Pack getting lost.

Q: Which countries do we service?
A: We provide our gold recycling service to all countries in the European Union.

Q: How much is my old gold jewellery worth?
A: The value of your old gold jewellery is based on 3 things: The quality or purity of your gold. The weight of your gold. The current market price for gold. We value gold based on the daily market price of gold. The value of the gold in your old jewellery is equal to the weight of the gold content, times the market value of that gold, less the cost of processing and recycling.

Q: How do I receive the Recycle Valuation information?
A: We will contact by phone or email as soon as we have completed your recycle valuation.

Q: How long does it take?
A: Our aim is to process every Gold Recycle Pack on the day we receive it. Once we have valued your jewellery we will contact you with the Recycle Valuation details and your payment could be processed that day.

Q: What happens if there are gems or stones in my jewellery?
A: We accept all types of gold jewellery even if it contains stones. We simply conduct the recycle valuation of the gold with the stones intact. If you accept the valuation we can remove the stones and return them to you, assuming the stone setting allows.

Q: Why Recycle Old Gold Jewellery?
A: The popular images of gold miners from the Gold Rush panning for gold nuggets in a mountain stream bear almost no resemblance to the way gold is mined today. Most rich veins of gold have been exhausted. Today, gold mining is as much about chemistry as it is about a shovel and pick axe. This is because gold is now primarily found in very low concentrations, less than 10 grams per ton. The only way to extract gold found in such small quantities is to create large open-pit mines through blasting and excavating large amounts of ore.  Gold mining is one of the world’s dirtiest industries.  It uses cyanide, generates heaps of wastes and leaves a long-lasting scar on landscapes and communities.  The gold required to produce just one gold ring generates over 20 tons of waste.  80% of all gold is used to make jewellery so it makes sense to recycle old gold jewellery so that the gold contained within the jewellery can be reused.

Q: Do You Have A Gold Party I could Go TO?
A: We do not provide a gold party service.  We prefer to conduct all recycle valuations ourselves, rather than relying on part time agents and party hosts.  This allows us to guarantee that our very high standard of service is  maintained and that all recycle valuations are conducted accurately, by our experienced and full time staff, and that consistent results are produced every time.  That way, you can be sure you will receive the correct amount for your old gold jewellery.  Also, by not using agents or party hosts, we can provide the maximum amount of money to our customers, as there are no middlemen involved. If you have a large amount of old gold jewellery and would like it to be assessed in person, you may come and see us in Galway, where we provide an appointment based service.  Please phone us on 091 704842 to arrange an appointment.

We have recently launched a Private Valuation Service for groups of 10 or more where our professional valuers will come to a location of your choice. Please call us on 091 704842 for details.

Q: What if I would like to donate my old gold jewellery to a charity?
A: A great way for you to make a donation to a charity is to have your old gold jewellery recycled and turned into funds for your preferred charity. We make this easy for you to do through our unique new fundraising service Through this service you can donate the proceeds from your recycled old gold jewellery directly to one of our partner charities. Our partners include Barnardos, Concern Worldwide, Oxfam Ireland and the Irish Hospice Foundation.  In addition to your generous donation, we will add a bonus of 10% on top.  This is our contribution to the charity you select. is specifically designed to help charities to take advantage of the current high price of gold. Visit for more information.  Why not donate some old gold jewllery for a good cause?  A small amount of unwanted gold jewellery will make a big difference to the charity you choose.


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